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Moms & Munchkins

About Moms & Munchkins

Moms & Munchkins is a free, nonprofit adolescent parenting program that provides support, assistance, education and encouragement to young moms and their precious little ones. Church at Denver helps provide various goods to these moms as needs arise. We will also be starting a neighborhood Bible Study for the children living near their facility. In the past, we have provided Easter baskets for their children, donated food, and baby items. This program is located in Lincolnton, NC.

Other needs that they have are:

  • Professional Partnerships -   If you have a skill or profession that can benefit a young mom, please consider donating time/expertise to this worthy program. Some of our greatest needs include: legal advice (especially parent rights), co-parenting expertise, early education programs and speech & occupational therapy consultants
  • Bible Studies
  • Specialty Guest Educators/Speakers & Volunteers -  Domestic Abuse, Mental & Spiritual Care, Nutrition & Healthy Recipes, Interview & Job-Seeking Skills, Creating & Maintaining a Creative Play/Craft Area for the Home (including help with assembling “Craft Bins” for make & take home use), Home Cleaning Education (including make & take home cleaning kits), etc.  
  • Food (Supplemental) Pantry

Current Needs

Arrive at the Deaton community center at 118 Deaton Ave. Lincolnton to serve at these events. 

SUMMER INTERNS: If you have the desire to make an impact in the lives of an underserved community, please consider serving as a Deaton Resource Center summer intern. You will help plan events and work with community partners (DSS, wellness programs, counselors, NGOs, church groups) to execute impactful, community engagements. 


COMMUNITY GARDEN: Please consider helping with the re-establishment of Oaklawn Community Garden. Workday is Friday, May 13th (8 AM – 12 PM). Summer maintenance and coordinating “Mind/Body/Soul” workshops are additional needs. 


GAS CARDS: We have noticed a desperate, increased need for gas cards. With the higher cost of gas and goods/services, our moms are struggling to fill their tanks. If you or your organization are interested in donating, please let us know. Gas cards are gifted to moms upon completion of 4-week parenting class.


LUNCH MEETUP GIFTCARDS: M2M Leader, Ellen Weekley, is also planning monthly, organic lunch & play meetups with our moms & little ones. Gift card to Chick-Fil-A needed for May gathering!


DIAPERS: Size 5 and 6 (Honest Brand, Parent’s Choice only – No Luvs) and WIPES!


CURRICULUM SPECIALISTS: Moms & Munchkins is currently seeking a Curriculum Specialist(s) to offer monthly parenting training utilizing our curriculum, Active Parenting: First Five Years! Leader training provided and will work one-on-one and/or in small groups with moms and possible DSS referrals. We currently have two specialists, seeking one to two more. Note: This is a 1-2 times per month commitment. 


CHILDCARE NEED: Always a Huge need! Seeking volunteers to help with childcare for monthly Life Skills & Parenting Classes and M2M events. 


PROFESSIONAL PARTNERS: If you have a skill or profession that can benefit a young mom, please consider donating time/expertise to this worthy program. 


SUNRISE COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: If your church or organization is interested in sponsoring a Sunrise community-outreach effort OR Summer Sunrise Kids Activity, please let us know. 


MALE MENTORS: Moms & Munchkins centers around serving adolescent moms and little ones. When mom succeeds in life, the child benefits. We recognize a strong family unit (mom and dad together) has an even more advantageous effect on a child. If you or your group is interested in pouring into our dads in a Male Mentorship role, we would love to partner with you. NOTE: A dad is enrolled in the April/May 4-week Parenting Class. 


BIBLE STUDY: If your church group or organization is interested in helping shepherd a Moms & Munchkins bible study (or provide spiritual leadership, bibles, study material, training, etc), please let us know. 


SUMMER SNACK ITEMS: This summer, we will be offering weekly tutoring and planned activities for Sunrise Kiddos. Please consider donating snacks and bottled waters & Gatorade.

Items that are always needed:

-Gas cards

-Diapers (Honest Brand and Parents Choice Only Please) 

- Wipes 

Other Needs:

-Mentors (Male Mentors too) 

-Professional Partners

-Transportation to meetings

Basic Food Item Needs (Supplemental):  

pasta, spaghetti sauce, quick meals (raviolis, beefaroni, chicken helper meal with canned chicken), canned fruit and veggies, Poptarts, breakfast cereal, breakfast bars, goldfish-type crackers, pancake box mix with syrup, mashed potato packets, rice packets, ramen noodles, mac & cheese, instant oatmeal and/or grits, fruit cups & applesauce cups, peanut butter, jelly, graham crackers, vanilla wafers & more!

For more information or how to get involved with M&Ms,

feel free to call 704-609-7032 OR email at

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Moms & Munchkins 

If you'd like to get involved...

If you’d like to help serve, please contact Leah Cline at or 864-616-7010.

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